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4 Best Amazon Reviewer Checkers for Shoppers and Amazon Businesses

Published on: Fri Apr 16 2021

Written by Tony Do

Fake reviews hurt everyone! Amazon Review Checkers are great tools to help you protect your Amazon business, products, and personal brand! Use these 4 tools to help you!

23 - Amazon Review Checkers

Fake reviews hurt everyone! Sellers and shoppers can work together to stop fake Amazon reviews with these 4 Amazon Review Checkers!

While the world is filled with heated debates and arguments, I think something we can all agree on: fake product reviews suck. Whether you are a buyer or seller, fake product reviews ruin trust and reliability when it comes to online shopping. It is not a surprise that reviews are the backbone of online shopping. In some studies, it is reported at up to 80% of online shoppers use product reviews in some way, with 24.6% only trusting verified product reviews. Product reviews are essential to online shopping for multiple reasons like measuring a product’s quality or build. testing a product’s usefulness, and evaluating the value of a product. Fake reviews disrupt the process of online shopping since we never know if the reviews we read are from real customers or if it is from someone who is trying to manipulate or exploit the review system.

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on how to stop and prevent fake Amazon reviews with Amazon review checkers and how sellers and buyers can work together to build stronger, trustful, and transparent relationships.

Why You Should Check Fake Amazon Reviews

Buyers and sellers alike struggle with fake online reviews.

For buyers, this is a huge barrier to purchasing anything online. Fake reviews build a lot of mistrust between the buyer and seller since buyers cannot trust if the product will fulfill their needs and expectations. Fake reviews can be filled with misinformation, misleading recommendations, and false experiences that can leave real buyers with a ton of stress and resentment. In the end, buyers will be less likely to purchase products or unsatisfied with the performance of the product. Buyers want to reduce fake reviews to make sure they are getting the best quality, price, and value out of their products that lead to the highest satisfaction possible.

Sellers also suffer from fake reviews. For fake negative reviews, it leads to fewer sales, fewer profits, and a bad reputation that may deter future customers. Even fake positive reviews can be harmful since unsatisfied customers will try to get refunds on your products which creates more hassle for sellers in the long run. Sellers want to minimize the number of fake reviews to create more transparent relationships with their buyers, which will lead to a better, more positive personal brand and stronger relationships with customers. Sellers will notice that customers appreciate brands and business who they can trust and be more likely to buy from the seller in the future.

How to Check Reviews on Amazon

There are a ton of ways that buyers and sellers and manually check for fake reviews. Here are a few that we think are great:

1. Does the review focus on the product?

Product reviews should be about the products! If a product review focuses too much on commenting on the seller or customer service, then it’s no longer a PRODUCT review, These reviews can be intentionally done to attack the seller or customer service with negative or malicious intent.

2. How long are the reviews?

Reviews that are shorter and have less coverage are always a bit more suspicious than long reviews that provide in-depth analysis of a product

3. How frequent are the reviews?

Reviewers will try to hyperinflate positive or negative reviews in a short period, so the reviews will have timestamps that note when the reviews were submitted. Fake reviews are often posted in a very short period, sometimes days, sometimes within a few weeks.

Alongside product reviews, we also recommend looking at the profiles of the reviewers themselves.

1. Does the review have a lot of reviews?

Reliable and trusted accounts have a ton of reviews. If an account does not have a ton or has a lot of short reviews, the account may be a spam account or fake account make to trash or promote products artificially.

2. How frequent or recent are the reviews?

Accounts with a lot of reviews in a short period tend to be fake accounts used to hyperinflate or hyper-deflate products with fake positive or fake negative reviews.

3. Is the reviewer verified?

This can be a really fast and easy way to make sure the reviewers are real people. Verified buyers should have some type of badge to validate their purchase.

Amazon Fake Review Checkers

Reading hundreds of reviews to find and report fake Amazon reviews can become a long and meticulous task. One hack that can cut down this time is through using Amazon Fake Review checkers, tools that specialize in breaking down large quantities of reviews and sorting the good and the bad reviews. Once sorted, shoppers and sellers can utilize the tool to determine the best course of action depending on their needs. Here are some of the tools we recommend to both shoppers and sellers!

Review Meta

ReviewMeta is one of our favorite tools for checking Amazon reviews and the best part: it’s completely free! ReviewMeta provides a chrome extension and browser plug-in that shoppers and sellers can use on Amazon.

ReviewMeta is a great tool for both shoppers and sellers to get real and honest insight on products to buy and sell. After installing the extension to your browser, head to any product page on Amazon and click their icon in the top right corner. Then, ReviewMeta will capture all the data on the page including the ratings, reviews, the reviewers, and the statistics behind each reviewer. Next, they run the raw data into their analyzer can display an easy-to-read graphic of the key points. Based on the data, ReviewMeta will provide deep analytics including a pass/warning/fail score on reviews, an adjusted rating that excludes suspicious reviews, the most and least trusted reviews, as well as any additional keynotes or details they picked up.

ReviewMeta not only provides great analytics for the products but also investigates the actual reviewers. This means shoppers and sellers can note reviewers with suspicious reviews or reviewers who may be fake. The adjusted ratings provide a clearer picture of how well-liked each product is.


Fakespot is our second recommended product, and is mainly for shoppers but can also be helpful for sellers as well. Fakespot is also free to use and can be installed as a Chrome Extension. Once installed, Fakespot can be used right away to shop or sell. When used, Fakespot provides two super awesome reports.

The first report is a product summary of the products you’re shopping for on Amazon. Each report will include “review highlights” that touch on the product’s quality, competitiveness against similar products, price comparison, shipping durations, and packaging quality. This real-time analysis also highlights the best reviews from that product’s page so shoppers know which reviews to trust.

The second report is a seller summary called “Guard” which tells users if a seller is reputable or if they have had prior issues with shoppers. Users get to know the person selling the products and will put a “caution” label around suspicious sellers. Fakespot will even provide an alternative “better” seller who is more trusted. For shoppers, this is a great and useful tool to prevent potential buyer-seller issues or having to return an item with defects. For sellers, this provides an opportunity to check your reputation and strengthen your relationship with potential buyers! Sellers need to prioritize their business and personal brand to ensure they create strong, transparent, and trusted relationships with their sellers. If you are a seller with a “caution” label, it’s time to fix your image so you can earn more sales!

eComEngine’s FeedbackFive

The third tool on our list is eComEngine’s FeedbackFive. FeedbackFive is our first recommended tool with a paid pricing plan, but they also provide a lite version that is free to all users. This tool is also tailored towards Amazon FBA sellers, sorry shoppers! For sellers, eComEngine provides a new method for sellers and buyers to communicate with one another. Along with providing the usual analytics (sales, orders, etc.), FeedbackFive places heavy emphasis on communication and emailing between sellers and their customers.

In their dashboard, eComEngine provides a “negative feedback” tab that sellers can use to find and analyze potential fake reviews. If the negative reviews are authentic, sellers can also use this tool to email upset customers and mitigate any conflict. They even provide services to automate emails to customers. Whether it be fake reviews or real reviews, eComEngine’s FeedbackFive is extremely valuable for Amazon FBA sellers.

AMZ Review Tracker

AMZ Reviews Tracker is our fourth tool and second tool that requires a pricing plan. They charge as little as $50 per month for their Basic plan and up to $400 per month for their Legend tier. For sellers who want to test the product, they can also sign up for a 7-day free trial.

AMZ Trackers provides various tools that they label under “Offense” and “Reconnaissance,” but we want to focus on their “Defensive” tools for Amazon sellers. AMZ Trackers offers two tools for defense, which include Negative Review alerts and Hijack Alerts. The Negative Review Alert tool notifies sellers if a potentially negative or malicious review is posted on one of their products. Sellers can respond to the reviewer to try to resolve the conflict, or if it is a fake or misleading review, sellers can notify Amazon and report the review. Because they receive an alert on these posts, sellers can mitigate the risks and damage of a negative review quickly before it can harm their potential sales.

Reporting Fake Amazon Reviews

If you come across a fake review, either through looking yourself or using an Amazon review checker, there are two options that you can do to help stop and remove fake or malicious reviews.

Option 1: report the reviews for abuse. This option is available under any review submitted on a product page. Every review will include a “Report abuse” option.

Option 2: report the reviews to Amazon’s community email, community-help@amazon.com.

Combating Amazon Fake Reviews

Amazon reviews are a fundamental part of online shopping and Amazon for both shoppers and sellers. Having fake reviews not only hurts shoppers who want to purchase high-quality items but can also be detrimental to Amazon sellers who rely on authentic reviews to build trust and relationships with their customers. By working together and utilizing the right tools, we can help clean up Amazon and make online shopping a positive, genuine, and rewarding experience!

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