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Amazon Trade-In Program: Amazon Credit for Used Products

Published on: Wed Oct 06 2021

Written by Tony Do

Earn Amazon and help reduce e-waste by participating in Amazon’s Trade-In program. Exchange eligible Amazon devices and other electronics for Amazon gift cards.

With the technological advances made in the past 40 years, one issue that has arisen from this innovation is the mass production of e-waste. Electronic waste has become an environmental disaster. It is estimated that 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste are disposed worldwide every year. The main culprit behind e-waste: cell phones and electronics. Many electronics contain harmful metals and components including mercury, lead, nickel, and more that get disposed into the environment. As a result, many industries and companies worldwide are looking to start new programs and initiatives to address the issue of e-waste.

One way Amazon is trying to address the e-waste issue is through launching its Amazon Trade-In program. The Trade-In program allows anyone in the world to trade in their old electronics in exchange for Amazon credit. If you would like to help reduce e-waste or would like to receive some credit for your old electronics, keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know to participate in Amazon’s Trade-In program.

What is Amazon’s Trade-In Program?

The Amazon Trade-In program tackles the issue of e-waste by providing a credit incentive for turning in old electronics. Amazon will give their customers and sellers Amazon gift cards in exchange for thousands of different electronic products. This includes Amazon devices, cell phones, video game consoles, and more.

Amazon credit can then be used to purchase discounted Amazon devices or any product sold on Amazon.

What products can I trade-in?

Amazon’s Trade-In program accepts thousands of different electronics ranging from Amazon devices to video game consoles.

Amazon devices are the most common trade-in products, including Kindle e-readers, tablets, streaming players, Echos, Ring devices, and wireless routers. You can find the complete list of eligible Amazon products here.

In addition to Amazon products, the Trade-In program also accepts other product categories including cellphones and gaming products. You can select the “Cell Phones” or “Gaming” categories to find othe eligible products. This is where you will identify your product’s manufacturer, product model, and product details.

Following your product details, you will then be asked questions regarding your product’s current condition. Once complete, you will receive a Trade-In Estimate you would receive if you decide to turn in your product. Note that this estimate can change upon arrival and inspection of your product. So you may end up receiving less than the estimated amount if there are any underlying issues revealed during evaluations. We encourage all participants to be as honest and accurate when answering questions regarding the product’s condition. By answering honestly, you will receive the most accurate estimate possible.

If you can’t find your product under any of Amazon’s devices or other trade-in categories, you can also use the “Find more item” option located next to the Gaming categories. This will allow you to directly search for your product and see if you are eligible for the product. If your product is not eligible, it will state “Currently unavailable to trade in.” under your product listing.

How much credit do I receive?

Your product’s trade-in credit will be based on the product, model, and condition. The maximum amount you can earn in one transaction is $1,800 .

When you select an eligible device to trade in, Amazon will provide you the maximum amount you can earn for your product. For example, we are trading in our used Nintendo Switch console, and were given an estimate of “Up to $140.”

As you answer the questions about your product’s condition, that estimated value may stay unchanged or may decrease. In our example, we stated that our Switch has some “cracks or physical defects on the console,” decreasing our estimate significantly to $35.

In some cases, your answers may reveal that your products are no longer eligible. For our Switch, we marked that our device cannot “power on” and is not “fully functional”. Amazon then noted our broken Switch was no longer eligible for any trade-in offer.

As we mentioned earlier, you to answer these questions honestly. If you don’t answer truthfully about your product’s condition, your trade value will be revoked when they evaluate your product.

Where can I send my products for trade-in?

Amazon currently offers 2 different methods to trade in your electronics.

The first method is through Amazon shipping. After you select the eligible product you want to trade on the Amazon Trade-In page, you will be prompted to answer a couple of questions about your device’s condition. Then, you will be offered the estimated value for your product, and if approved, Amazon will send you an email including shipping instructions and the shipping label that can be reprinted if lost. While you will need to supply your shipping materials (boxes, packing tape, etc.), you will not have to pay for the shipping cost.

The second method to turn in products is through one of Amazon’s participating drop-off locations. While these locations only accept select electronics and Amazon devices for trade-in, the dropoff method may be more convenient for you. You can find the entire list of eligible dropoff locations here. Specifically for Amazon Kindles, these e-readers will also be accepted by Amazon Book and 4-Star store locations as well. Once you arrive at the dropoff location, simply talk to a store associate who will evaluate your product’s condition and give you an offer.

Why should I participate?

There are plenty of reasons why you should participate in Amazon’s Trade-In program.

For starters, the Trade-In program is great for the environment and promoting sustainability. When trading in old electronics, you are helping reduce the amount of e-waste being disposed into the environment. Trade-in products in working condition can be refurbished and resold in “Used” condition to other customers. Even if your product cannot be restored or resold, Amazon will ensure old electronics will be properly and responsibly disposed of through an Amazon-approved recycler. You can support sustainability and look out for the environment by simply trading in your old electronics.

Along with the eco-friendly mission, the Trade-In program allows you to earn credit for products you have no use for. Rather than collecting dust, you can rehome your electronics to an eager customer and earn something back in return. With all of the trade-in options whether it be through Amazon shipping or their drop-off locations, Amazon makes it easy to dump old electronics and quickly earn credit back.

Lastly, Amazon also offers discounts on their products if you decide to trade in and earn credit. Amazon wants to allow customers to try out Amazon products. When you trade-in your old products, Amazon will provide a discount off of a new Amazon device, up to 25% off. For our Amazon fans, this is a great and affordable way to buy a new Amazon Echo Dot, Kindle, Ring device, and more. Amazon has a plethora of devices you can get at a discount with their Trade-In program.

Eco-Friendly Amazon Shoppers

Whether you’re turning in your products for credit or you want to get rid of your products, Amazon’s Trade-In program is just one of many ways you can help the environment and become an eco-friendly Amazon shopper. Even if you’re products are not eligible for Trade-In, you can still dispose of your old electronics responsibly. Amazon provides free shipping to recycle Amazon devices and electronics to any of their certified recyclers.

Thank you for reading and being an eco-friendly Amazon shopper!

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