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Must-Have Evergreen Products to Source Your Online Business

Published on: Wed Jun 30 2021

Written by Tony Do

What are evergreen products and why do they matter? Unlock profitable, high-demand products that can bring in sales revenue all year long!

Imagine you’re starting an eCommerce business but you’re unsure about which products you should sell online. You ask yourself, which products are going to give me consistent and reliable revenue to sustain my business? Many sellers are unaware that there is a bounty of replenishable, profitable products that can provide constant cash flow and it’s right in front of them! The answer is evergreen products. Evergreen products, like evergreen trees, stay green throughout the entire year. This means that regardless of the time or season, there will always be a high demand for these products. Evergreen products serve as a strong foundation of consistent sales that any seller can use to grow and scale their online businesses.

In this blog, we will be breaking what exactly makes an “evergreen product” and give you some prime examples of where to start looking for profitable evergreen niches!

What Are Evergreen Products?

The most basic definition of evergreen products are products that have strong and predictable sales records throughout a year. This means the products are always in demand and usually remain unaffected despite external factors or societal changes. To understand evergreen products, it is important to understand why people buy these products in the first place.

Simply put, evergreen products are products that fulfill our basic needs and everyday lives. Consumers are always looking for products that meet the needs of 3 key aspects of their lives: health, lifestyle, and relationships. Whether it be fitness gear or cookbooks, shoppers are looking for these types of products year-round. By following evergreen products, sellers may find a whole forest of profitable, in-demand products.

List of Evergreen Products to Sell

Now you might be wondering what products are under each umbrella of health, lifestyle, and relationships. Here are a few examples of where to start looking:

Health: Health products, as the name entails, are products created and manufactured to promote healthy habits and well-being. This includes products under fitness which can range been fitness gear to athletic clothing to dietary or nutritional supplements. These products are year-round simply due to the demand for health and fitness products. Whether people are going to the gym or just taking daily supplements, health takes up a share of evergreen products.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle products are extremely broad, but can be easily defined as products used for daily activities, hobbies, and interests. This can include hobbies like sports gear, makeup/beauty products, cooking or kitchen tools, and clothing/fashion. Lifestyle products generally include any product people take interest in throughout the year. Remember that not hobbies are year-round! One example is winter sports and equipment that is only in demand during cold months of the year, so even some sports products may not be evergreen. Just ask yourself, could you use this lifestyle product every day of the year? If yes, you probably have an evergreen product!

Relationship: Relationship products may be confusing at first, but it is quite simple! Relationship products are products that are purchased as gifts for others throughout the year. One popular examples are animal and pet products such as pet food, pet toys, and pet essentials such as collars, leashes, and other accessories that pet owners purchase for their pets throughout the year. Another great example is toys. Toys are frequent purchases for birthday parties which can occur throughout the year or by parents who are shopping for their children. As a result, many toys have constant sales every month and can provide a consistent revenue stream.

When sourcing products to build your inventory, it’s vital to keep evergreen products in mind. Health, lifestyle, and relationship products provide consistent sales all year and are much less volatile than other products.

Seller Beware: Which Products to Stay Away From?

With evergreen and year-round products, there is a list of products and categories that you should avoid if you want consistent sales revenue. Commonly known as seasonal products, these products perform very well in some parts of the year, but very poorly during the rest of the year. As a result, these products are extremely volatile and the profits are high-risk, high-reward. There are tons of seasonal products that you probably see during specific times of the year. One example of seasonal products is products sold during the holiday season or the last quarter of the year. Anything related to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas tends to be very popular during the last few months of the year, but sell very poorly the rest of the year.

Seasonal products, as the name suggests, are also dependent on the weather and climate during parts of the year. We mentioned one previously with winter sports and gear which sell very well during cold months but are essentially money pits during the Summer and warmer months of the year. On the other side of the spectrum are Summer sports and gear such as swimming trunks, beach equipment, or water sports. While they can bring in a ton of revenue during the Summer and warmer months, their sales plummet during the Winter and colder months when these products are in less demand.

If you are ever curious if a product is an evergreen product, simply ask yourself, “Would I purchase AND use this product at any time of the year?” If no, then we recommend staying far away from those products!

In our blog, 5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Product Sourcing, we touch on seasonal products and why you should actively avoid time-sensitive and seasonal products. For a complete list of other mistakes to avoid, head over to our previous blog by clicking the link and check it out!

Finding Evergreen Niches

By this point, you have a great idea of what evergreen products are and have a shortlist of categories that can help you build a strong base for your Amazon or eCommerce business. The next step is finding new evergreen niches that you can use to expand your inventory and scale your business. When looking for evergreen niches, you want to stick to the core 3 categories: health, lifestyle, and relationships, but now, you can widen your scope. To discover an evergreen niche, you want to use 4 filters:

1. Affordability: Can the product be purchased by the average consumer?

2. Market size: Is there an audience that would buy this product?

3. Competition: How many competitors (sellers, brands, companies) are in this space?

4. Year-Round: Can you buy and use this product at any time of the year?

Let’s run through an example together!

I want to start selling audio equipment including earbuds, headphones, and microphones. Before I start sourcing, I run through the quick niche test:

1. Is the equipment affordable? Yes, the average consumer interested in audio equipment can easily purchase these products at any time of the year.

2. Is there an audience who wants these products? Yes, any person regardless of gender or age may want these products to listen to music, podcasts, or even gaming.

3. Is there a lot of competition? No, while there is some competition, the products are still viable within this space.

4. Can consumers use this product at any time of the year? Yes, the audio equipment is accessible and viable at any time of the year and can be used daily.

Verifying Your Forests

The example of audio equipment is just one that you can use to discover amazing evergreen niches to drive your business. But wait! Before you start sourcing, you should double-check the sales record of any product to ensure an evergreen product is profitable. Remember that when you sell on Amazon, you’re likely going to have to pay FBA fees and service fees that can impact your profitability. Even the most evergreen products may be a negative profit! To check the profitability of your evergreen products, you can either manually calculate the profits or utilize an FBA calculator or FBA tool to determine the profitability.

For manual calculations, check out our blog on the Profit Calculator, where we provide formulas and breakdowns to determine how profitable any product is.

For automated calculations, we highly suggest the Sellgo Profit Finder, where you can instantly bulk analyze multiple evergreen products at once and cherry pick the most profitable evergreen products for your business.

After double-checking the profits of your niches, you now have a whole category of potentially profitable products that can accelerate your sales and skyrocket your earnings! Like evergreen products, Amazon businesses can thrive all year round, especially with reliable tools like Sellgo’s! If you need help growing your eCommerce business or want to start a new one, head over to Sellgo where we have tons of tools and resources to jumpstart your business.

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