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Saas UX/UI Intern

Portland, OR

 Sellgo is a fast growing, Portland/ San Francisco -based startup that is reinventing the way people sell on e-commerce, particularly on Amazon. Leveraging ground-breaking Data Analytics AI technology and design innovation, Sellgo guides you through a few simple steps to capture profitable items to sell and transform people's lives through technology. The future of selling on e-commerce is changing and Sellgo is leading the way.


Sellgo is seeking a hardworking and process-oriented UX/UI designer to join our Experience team! You will be responsible for the entire UX design process: to understand the users' need, to simplify complexity, and to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction. You will be mastering the essence of design innovation: putting yourself inside the head of the customer. How does a person feel when using the product? In the end, it’s the experience that counts - not the features. Sellgo Experience team wants do delight users every step of the way.



Portland OR



· BS/ BA, or equivalent experience.

· Familiarity with Amazon Seller business model is a plus.

· Some experience with end-to-end Saas product design will be a plus.

· Effective in oral and written communication skills.

· Solid skill in design innovation.

· Strong experience in UX design for Saas product

- Able to design based on user’s needs and do research.

- Solid skill in critical thinking and creative thinking.

- Strong in visual skills: task flows and creating scenario.

- Expert in Human Centered Design

· Strong experience in UI design

- Able to design based on detail specification and requirements.

- Solid skill in creative thinking and convergent thinking.

- Strong in visual skills: colors, typography.

- Expert in visual design principle: mockups, graphics, layouts.

· Motivated self-starter and able to work independently.

· Obsessive about the little things, i.e. corners.

· Effective in oral and written communication skills.

· Good problem-solving skills.



· Help Sr. Product Designer to define + launch Sellgo experiences around the world.

- User research and interview.

- Translate user stories into high quality mock-up.

- Build strong task flow and scenario audit that will help make the project scalable for the future.

- Deliver high quality UI which visualize benefits for customers.

· Partner with the Engineering team (engineers, data scientists), Digital Marketing team and Graphic team to iterate the product definition and project scope.

· Be able to conduct test, experiment with design and user behavior.

· Conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism, keep Sellgo information secure.



· Challenge! Challenge! Challenge!

· Great learning opportunity and experience to build a system from the day one, beta testing and take off the runway.

· Freedom in the ownership and great opportunity in career development during our growth, lets win and have fun together.

· Competitive total compensation with medical benefits.

· Be an asset to our communities worldwide.



There are 7 words to describe us: think big small, start small and act fast. Sellgo would like to create and communicate a bold direction in technology that is impactful. We believe that accomplishing more with less is a smart way of doing things, and last but not least, develop a bias for action.


Sellgo is an equal opportunity employer, we celebrate diversity by providing an opportunity for all, including those who belong to underrepresented minority groups, to grow with us.



· Please provide latest academic transcript.

· Please include portfolio link.

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