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Fast Track Your Amazon Product Research

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Expedite the Product Research Process

Products come and go, and so do profits. The Product Tracker tool empowers any seller to monitor their products and sales performances over time. Spot high demand products and new trends that can shape your Amazon strategy and success.

All Your Product Research In One Place

Sales Analytics

Oversee Sales Performance and Trends

Monitor the sales performances over time and get detailed insights on your products and your competitors. Detect new trends and Amazon's best sellers then freely track their sales to optimize your inventory and shape your business.

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Product Coordination

Coordinate Products with Precision

Pinpoint winning products with high profits and group them together to create customized visuals to streamline your business. Visualize and export your sales history to make well-informed decisions to maximize efficiency.

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Key Performance Metrics

Evaluate Key Performance Metrics

Energize and organize your product management system with meaningful key performance indicators. Dissect key metrics like average profit margins, sales ranks, daily revenue, and average returns on investment and make business decisions based on real-time, authentic data.

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Track thousands of products and source sustainable, replenishable, and profitable products

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Sellgo is the tool you'll need for selling on Amazon

Whether you are doing Wholesale, Brands, or Private Label,
we help you build and grow your Amazon business.

Maximize Your Productivity

Conduct in-depth product research in minutes. Invest time saved back into your business!

Certified and Approved Products

Elevate your business with proven, validated products that have been certified by our metrics.

Guarantee Long-Term Sustainability

Invest in products and with dependable sales performances that will produce long-term profits.

Infinite Product Ideas

Get endless recommendations for profitable products so you can grow your business.

Protect Your Profits and Business

Dump poor performing products and source your catalogs with thriving, successful products.

Sync with Our FBA Tools

Harmonize your Amazon business and FBA tools with the Sellgo Chrome Extension!

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