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Search Management

Organize potential suppliers in your pipeline

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Wholesale sourcing made easy

Prioritize the suppliers you're wanting to reach out to, by quickly viewing the profit rate and product availability on Amazon..

Where all your suppliers and products meet

Search Management

Optimize Your Search Management

Whether you're working with one supplier or hundreds, easily manage all your suppliers and their catalogs in one place. Gain detailed insights on your suppliers before you source their products. Organize their catalogs based on ASINs*, profitability, price to listing ratio and more.

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Supplier Analysis

Painless Supplier Analysis

Each supplier's catalog can contain hundreds or even thousands of different products and ASINs. Highlight suppliers with best quality, most profitable, and replenishable products for your Amazon business, and improve your process with that data in mind to increase your wholesale account approval rates.

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Catalog Errors Alerts

Find Unique Opportunities

With thousands of products within a single catalog, data from suppliers can get mixed up! Get alerts when you upload catalogs with file errors including missing ASINs, repetitive SKUs, and more. Find unique opportunities beyond the erroneous product identifier that other sellers are missing out on.

Seller Finder

Manage dozens of suppliers and evaluate thousands
of potential products quickly and easily.

Start sourcing with Sellgo today

Sellgo is the tool you'll need for selling Wholesale on Amazon

Streamline your wholesale business, we automate your daily calculation
so you can focus on supplier communication and scale your Amazon business.

Process Suppliers and Catalogs Instantly

Upload dozens of supplier catalogs and thousands of products and instantly break them down.

Catalog Breakdowns in a Flash

Get detailed reports of all of your supplier's catalogs and gather leads on trending products.

Import Suppliers Simultaneously

Shine a spotlight on authentic suppliers with the best products to accelerate your business.

Outshine with Superior Tools

Gain market dominance with our powerful research tools and stay ahead of the competition.

Valuable Data on the Go

Export your results to CSV and have your search results available whenever and wherever you go.

Focus on What Matters

Stay above the competition by being better prepared when contacting suppliers, and save time by filtering out the more profitable opportunities with the Search Management.

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