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5 Things to Know About Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Published on: Mon Nov 30 2020

Written by Richard Prasojo

Ever wonder what Amazon’s Best Seller Rank meant? Read below to find out why its so important for FBA sellers and buyers!

04 - 5 Things to Know About Amazon Best Sellers Rank

What is Amazon’s Best Seller Rank and why does it matter? The Best Sellers Rank is a key to product sourcing and product sales!

The Amazon Marketplace arena can be a very competitive place, but with the right approach and tools, you can edge out the competition and unlock your profitability today. One key element you’ll want to be familiar with as you search for profitable products is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

What is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank is based on sales quantity on Amazon marketplace, and is updated hourly to reflect recent and historical sales of every item sold on Amazon. Consider it a Billboard 100 list of products (though the list goes far beyond 100). The Amazon Best Sellers Rank gives you an idea of how well an item is selling overall. One thing to note, it doesn’t always factor in how well the item is selling compared to similar products, so you’ll want to do a bit of comparison shopping before you settle on the top ranked items.

Where can I Find the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

There are two ways to locate the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. You can get a bird’s eye view by going to Amazon.com and click on the “Best Sellers” tab on the page navigation bar. Or, you can determine the Best Sellers Rank by product. Simply search for a product and scroll down to the details section of the listing. There you will find the sales rank for the product.

What do the Numbers Mean?

It is a lot like golf, the lower the score, the better. The lower the sales rank, the higher the sales are within the product category. Product categories are things like Home & Kitchen, Toys & Games, and Baby. So a product with a sales rank of say, 200 means it is the 200th best-selling product in that category. It sells more units than a product in the same category with a sales rank of 500. Amazon best sellers rank can help you estimate monthly unit sales when you’re searching for products to resell.

What about subcategories?

Every main category has subcategories, which have sales ranks as well. The good news is that you can pretty much disregard the subcategory sales ranks. There are so many subcategories across Amazon and that kind of weakens the importance of the sales ranks within these. For example, a product can be #30,000 in a main category but #1 in a subcategory. That doesn’t mean the product will be highly profitable.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank Changes Rapidly

Amazon Best Sellers Rank can change daily, and even hourly. Before purchasing your product, find a few products to track and monitor the Amazon Best Sellers Rank changes to get a feel for how much or how little the rankings can change on a day to day basis.

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