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Successful Writing Tips for Amazon Product Descriptions

Published on: Mon Jul 12 2021

Written by Tony Do

Convert thousands of Amazon shoppers into paying customers with awesome product page descriptions that get your business more sales!

The best way to convert Amazon shoppers is to create product pages with detailed product descriptions that tell customers why your products rock. Along with perfect product titles and nice photos of your products, your descriptions convince potential customers that they can trust your brand and that your products will satisfy their needs and meet their expectations. The better your product descriptions, the more likely shoppers will convert into paying customers.

In this article, we will provide you with a few successful tips that can improve your product descriptions and earn you new customers.

Developing a Customer Persona

The first step in writing great product descriptions is to understand your target market. We figured the easiest way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers.

For example, if you see fitness equipment, your customers will most likely be young people looking to exercise, eat healthily, and live an overall active lifestyle. When you write your product descriptions, you need to keep creating this customer persona. You cannot write a great Amazon description without determining who you are writing to.

Once you determine your target market and create the customer persona, ask yourself: If I was this persona, what would I want to see in a product? What are my needs and expectations? How can this product fulfill my needs?

With these questions in mind, let’s move onto the next tip!


Now moving onto the structure of your descriptions, we recommend K.I.S.S. (keep it sh).

When you’re shopping online, how often do you read long, boring descriptions? NEVER. Just like you, most shoppers want simple, short, and easy-to-read descriptions that get straight to the point. To simplify your writing, we suggest:

1. Write using bullet points. Shoppers never read long descriptions. Instead of large bodies of text, use bullet points to break up long sentences and paragraphs into short, bite-size pieces of writing.

2. Keep your sentences short and to the point. You don’t need to write an entire story for your products. Hit the key points, and maintain short, concise, and straight-to-the-point messages.

3. Remove unnecessary filler words. Have you ever read product descriptions with the words “Best,” “Top,” Amazing?” Probably quite often. Studies have shown that most (if not all) customers naturally overlook and filter out these filler words because tons of products use these same words when describing their products. These words have lost all their meaning. Keep your product descriptions simple by removing all of these filler words.

Focus on the Impact Rather than Features

With the customer persona and description structure in mind, it’s time to start writing! When writing, you want to focus on your product’s benefits and impact, not just the features. Why? Because your customers want to know what VALUE your products provide. Instead of describing the features of your product, describe how those features will help the customer.

Looking back at our example of fitness equipment, your customer persona is young to middle-aged adults looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If we were selling dumbbells on Amazon, our product descriptions would talk about the impact of our dumbbells on our customers. Here are sample writing:

  • Durable and reliable dumbbells for at-home workouts and muscle building.
  • Isolate and workout direct body parts, improve arms, legs, core, and endurance.
  • Textured hand grips to ensure non-slip exercises.

Note that while we touch on the features, we also emphasize the impact and benefits of those features. By writing more descriptive, and impactful descriptions, they tell customers the direct benefits of purchasing your products.

Optimize with Keywords

The next tip is to improve your product descriptions is by using keywords. Keywords are less important for the customers but extremely important for Amazon’s algorithm to display your products on their search pages. If you aren’t familiar with keywords, they are the most often search terms customers use to find products on Amazon.

Going back to our example of the fitness dumbbells, a typical Amazon shopping looking for exercise equipment might search on Amazon, “exercise    dumbbells,”dumbbell set, “dumbbell 15lbs.” When a shopper searches these keywords on Amazon, the algorithm looks through the millions of products to find the ones that use the exact keywords within the title and product descriptions. The products that match these terms are more likely to be shown to the shopper to browse and purchase.

With the keywords in mind, let’s go back and add these keywords to our product descriptions:

  • Durable and reliable exercise dumbbells for at-home workouts and muscle building.
  • Dumbbell set to isolate and workout direct body parts, improve arms, legs, core, and endurance.
  • Dumbbell 15lbs with textured handgrips to ensure non-slip exercises.

You see how the keywords won’t impact the description or customer experience at all, but Amazon’s algorithm needs to showcase your products and provide you more visibility. With more visibility and shoppers viewing your products, you can expect more sales and profits coming your way.

Update Regularly

Our last successful writing tip is simple: update your product listings regularly. There is no such thing as the “perfect product description.” But, if you test, reiterate, and optimize your descriptions, you’ll find that you can increase your conversions and sales over time. You know the quote, “Rome was not built overnight”? Well, product descriptions are the same way. We encourage all sellers to try their best to write a great product description and try to improve it.

Test out Version #1, examine your conversion rates, and take data on how many sales you collect. Then, improve upon Version #2 by testing different bullet points, adding different keywords, and using different sentence lengths. Examine your conversion rates and see if there any improvements for conversions and sales. Keep repeating this process until you get the best results possible!

Along with updating your listings, also remember to stay professional. When selling on Amazon, your products represent your business, brand, and reputation. You want to make sure your products are of great quality and your product descriptions match those expectations. Use different spellcheck and grammar tools to weed out any typos or confusing sentences.

Get to Writing!

The 5 tips we mention in this blog are the first of many you’ll learn over your Amazon selling journey. While these tips are a great place to start, you may come across many more as you continue to sell on Amazon. For each of your products, Amazon descriptions will vary to cater to each customer persona. Remember, your customers aren’t just buying your products, but they are buying your product’s value and expectations. The quality of your product will play a huge role in developing a strong value proposition for your customer. If you don’t have great products, you won’t be able to sell them, even with the best descriptions.

If you are struggling to find high-quality products that are profitable and in high demand, we encourage you to come to Sellgo.com and check out all of our product research tools that can help you find great suppliers and products that are high quality, profitable, and in high demand. Until next time, happy writing and happy selling!

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