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Amazon Seller Search: 3 Ways to Find Any Seller

Published on: Wed Aug 18 2021

Written by Tony Do

Need to find a seller but don’t know how? Read these 3 proven ways you can find any seller in the world!

In 2020, Amazon was estimated to have over 9.7 million sellers across the globe with 1.9 million active sellers every month. With so many sellers in the marketplace, you would expect Amazon to have a really easy and thorough method to find or locate any seller on its platform. Well, you’d be wrong.

If you have shopped or sold anything on Amazon and have tried to find a specific seller, you probably had a really hard time finding the seller. For whatever reason, Amazon has made it incredibly difficult to find a seller, even if you know their exact store name. Well, don’t you worry. Here are three proven and easy-to-use ways to find any seller.

Searching by Storename

The easiest and fastest method to finding an Amazon seller is through their store name. If you know the store name of the merchant, simply use this URL (https://www.amazon.com/shops/) and add the store name to the end. You should end up with a URL similar to:


You should be directed to the seller’s product list, which includes all of the products they are currently selling. If you want to find go to their seller page, simply click on one of their product listings. Then, click on their store name at the bottom of the Buy Box next to “Ships From” and “Sold by.”

You will be directed to the seller page that display their ratings, reviews, and business information. The only issue with this method is that Amazon businesses can freely change their business or store names. This means if the seller changes their name, you won’t be able to use this method! Amazon hasn’t resolved this issue yet, so if you’re in this situation, you should look to the next method!

Using Sellgo’s Seller Database

If you don’t happen to know the seller’s store name or if the seller has changed their store name, then the first method won’t work for you. Instead, we suggest checking out Sellgo’s new Seller Database tool we just released for beta. The Seller Database allows any user to find any Amazon using their Seller IDs, product brands, ASINs, marketplace, location, and even reviews and ratings. The Seller Database is one of the most powerful seller finder tools on the market. Simply head over to Sellgo.com and input some information about the seller you’re looking for. If you know the seller’s unique Amazon Merchant ID, you can easily copy and paste it into the Seller Database. The tool will populate the seller for you,

The biggest benefit of searching by Seller ID is that it never changes. Even if a seller changes their business or store name, the Seller ID stays the same.

In the case you don’t have the seller’s ID, you can also find the seller using the products they sell. The Seller Database can find all the sellers that sell a product. If you know one of the seller’s products, just input that information into the Seller Database and the tool will display all the sellers selling that product in your marketplace.

One of the coolest features of the Seller Database is locating sellers based on the location of their business. If you’re curious about the sellers in your state, click on the “Location” tab on the Seller Database. Choose a state or U.S. territory (including Guam, Marshall Islands, and more) and a list of sellers within that area will appear. The Seller Database will then show you the hundreds or even thousands of sellers in your state or selected region.

The Seller Database is also an amazing tool for businesses, agencies, and enterprises who work directly with Amazon businesses. If you or your business would like to connect with a network of Amazon sellers in your area, the Seller Database is a great tool! And the best part: you can try the Seller Database for only $1!

Using Sellgo’s Seller Map

The third and final method to find an Amazon seller is through another new tool by Sellgo, the Seller Map. The Seller Map is an awesome new tool that we recently released on Sellgo.com that pinpoints the exact location of every seller in the U.S. Instead of generating a list of sellers, the Seller Map is simply that, a map.

The map is covered in pins, each representing an Amazon seller or business. This is a revolutionary Amazon seller tool that allows anyone to connect with the sellers in their own neighborhoods. Unlike the Seller Database, the Seller Map allows you to zone in on any Country, State, and even U.S. zip code.

When looking at the Seller Map, you’ll see some pins and circles marked with a numerical figure. Each circle and numerical figures represent all the sellers with that specific region. Like any other map, you can zoom in and get specific details on each business’ information including their business name, state, country, brands, and even inventory.

Want to see what Amazon sellers are in your neighborhood? Well, the Seller Map gives you all that power and data a couple of clicks away.

Pinpointing Your Amazon Seller Search

Whether you’re a shopper looking for a seller, or a business trying to connect with Amazon businesses, these 3 proven methods are great tools to find what you’re looking for.

Right now, the Sellgo Seller Database and Seller Map are released for beta! You can use and try out our new powerful tools for $1.99! Head over to Sellgo.com and start locating any seller on Amazon now!

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