pixel5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank (Best Sellers Rank)

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank (Amazon Best Sellers Rank)

Published on: Fri Jul 09 2021

Written by Tony Do

Maximize your product’s visibility and traffic by improving your Amazon Sales Rank or Best Sellers Rank and increase your product sales.

Amazon’s Sales Rank or “Best Sellers Ranking” (BSR) ranks all of Amazon’s products based on their historical sales performances within a specific category. The most sold product within a category is ranked #1, with all the other products in the category following suit based on their sales performance. Every seller wants their product’s ranked at #1 because the closer your product’s rank is to #1, the more visibility, trust, and sales your product gains! If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon’s ranking system, we highly suggest reading our last blog on “What is Amazon’s Sales Rank?” where we break down all the nuances of Amazon’s rank system.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already familiar with Amazon’s Best Seller Ranking. Now, you must be thinking, how do I improve my product’s ranking so I can hit #1? In this blog, we’ll be sharing 5 proven, legitimate methods you can apply today to start your quest to Rank #1.

Using Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

The first thing to remember is that the Sales Rank is just that, SALES. The more your product sells, the higher your product gets ranked. Our main goal behind these tactics is to get more eyes on your product (visibility), more shoppers on your product page (traffic), and more sales in your pocket (conversion).

The easiest way to improve sales and thus your product ranking is by using the FBA model and Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. Most of you already use FBA, but if you happen to use Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) or another fulfillment method and you want to improve your product’s sale rank, implementing FBA is the easiest and most convenient method.

By using the FBA model, your products get access to Prime Shipping, which drastically improves your product’s visibility and conversion rates. Shoppers are also more likely to buy products with faster shipping times, increasing their conversion rates and sales. FBA also increases your product’s visibility and traffic on Amazon’s pages. Since you use FBA, Amazon will prioritize your products over non-FBA sellers. The more traffic your product gets, the more sales you earn, and the higher your product rank improves.

Improve Product Titles with Keywords

The second method to improve your Amazon sales rank is through using keywords within your product titles. Simply put, keywords are the search terms used by customers when shopping on Amazon. The better your keywords, the more visible your products will be and the more traffic you’ll gain! Finding the right keywords is quite easy. Here are the steps:

1. Identify your product that you want to list on Amazon

2. Go to Amazon.com, and search for similar products

3. Look at the top 20 products and find repetitive keywords that apply to your product (do not include any “Sponsored” products)

4. Create a listing for your product, and utilize those keywords that your competitors use

Let’s run through a quick example. For our product, we’ll use a reusable water bottle. First, we’ll go to Amazon and search up the term, “reuseable water bottle” and examine the first 20 products. Here is a row of products we saw:

Note that all of these top products are FBA products, and are eligible for Prime Shipping. We also see a lot of repetitive keywords, “BPA free,” “leak-proof,” and “spill-resistant.” These keywords apply to the reusable bottle we also sell. Now we go to Amazon Seller Central and create a listing using these exact keywords. We end up with a “Reusable water bottle with Leak Proof, Spill-Resistant Lid, and BPA Free.”

By maximizing your keywords in your titles, Amazon will be more enticed to list your products. With more eyes on your product, the more traffic and sales you’ll gain as well, thus increasing your product ranking. Keywords are a great and easy tool to optimize your listings, and can take as little as a couple of minutes!

Strengthen Your Product Page

To better understand your customers, you have to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. If an interested customer is shopping on Amazon and comes across your listing, the next step for the customer is to click on your product and examine your product’s page. If you shop on Amazon, you’ve probably read hundreds, if not thousands of product pages. In order for a customer to feel confident enough to purchase your product, they’ll closely analyze your product page.

Good product pages also have 1. Professional, clear photos of the product, and 2. Detailed, concise, and easy-to-read product descriptions. The better your product page, the more likely customers are to buy your product.

You want to ensure all of your products have nice photos. If you don’t have a photo of your product, you have 2 options:

  • If you sourced your product from a manufacturer or supplier, ask them. They usually have professional stock photos of your product and can provide them to you.
  • If you sourced your product elsewhere (arbitrage, dropshipping, private label, etc.), you may have to take the photos yourself. Hire a professional photographer or take photos of your products using a good camera with a clean background. Take multiple photos of your product and from different angles. The more detailed the photos, the better.

Next is your product descriptions. Here are some tips to writing concise and clear messages:

1. Write about your product’s benefits, not just the features. What value does it bring to the customer?

2. Write in bullet points. Keep your sentences short, simple, and easy to read.

3. Write with KEYWORDS. Just like your title, keywords are everything! Add popular keywords you see from your competitors and apply them to your listing.

4. Write about additional benefits. (Do you provide warranties? Return policies? Defect policies?)

You might not get the perfect photos or descriptions on the first try. Continue to improve both the photos and descriptions when you can to optimize your listings. If you want to convert more customers and increase your Best Sellers Rank, start with improving your product’s page!

Engage with Your Customers

Customer engagement is the key to acquiring new customers and keeping existing customers.

First, customer engagement is a great way to answer any questions or concerns your customers have about your products. If one customer asks a question, you can expect that hundreds more are wondering about the same question. By engaging with your customers, you solve any problems or obstacles that were preventing customers from buying your products.

The second benefit is resolving any conflicts such as negative reviews and ratings. Negative reviews reflect poorly on your product and your brand. The last thing you want to lose is brand trust. If customers see tons of negative reviews on your products, they’re less likely to take a chance and buy a bad product. If you monitor your ratings and reviews, you can issue refunds, send new units for defects, and improve your relationship with your customer. Always remember, your reputation and trust are everything on Amazon.

The third is social proof. What’s better than negative reviews? Positive reviews. The more customer service you provide, the more likely they’ll be satisfied with your product and brand, they might even submit a positive review and rating. Better yet, they’ll recommend your brand and product to a friend! You’ll see that with good customer engagement, the investment will roll over 10x. It’s not just about keeping customers but building brand loyalty.

These are just 3 of our hundreds of benefits of customer engagement. While customer service may require more work and resources, it is definitely worth the investment if it leads to more sales and higher sales ranks!

Diversify Your Traffic

The more traffic your products get, the more sales you collect. The most common traffic comes from organic searches, with shoppers searching for something on Amazon and then they come across your product. While organic traffic is great, there are plenty of other methods you can implement to increase your traffic from multiple channels.

1. Creating a website

If you don’t have a website for your Amazon business, you need to create one NOW. Websites can rack up a lot of traffic. Use your website to share your products and listings on Amazon. Share memorable quotes from satisfied customers or showcase your catalog of products. Websites are extremely diverse and can suit any need or strategy.

2. Connect with Your Subscribers

Do you have a YouTube channel? Maybe a monthly newsletter or email list? Or do you have a Facebook group online? Whatever your audience is, connect with them! Use different tools and resources ranging from emails to social media posts to share your products and get more eyes on your listings. Include links back to Amazon and see who clicks!

3. Amazon PPC/Sponsored Posts

Sponsored products are also a great way to build brand awareness and visibility for your products. When shopping on Amazon, the first 5-10 products you see are “Sponsored” products, this is Amazon’s paid per click (PPC) ads. Amazon PPC campaigns are an extremely useful tool to spread your products all over Amazon and showcase your products front and center. You can pick which keywords to target, place a spending budget, and try to get more paid traffic towards your products and sales in your pocket. While this traffic channel is great, remember that it can cost a lot of money and reduce your profitability.

Whichever method you decide, be sure to diversify and increase your traffic as much as possible. The more eyes on your products, the better!

Rank With Better Products

With these strategies in mind, our last tip is to pace yourself. Improving your Amazon sales rank is not an overnight process. Products don’t jump to Rank #1, test and reiterate until you unlock the best strategy possible. Eventually, any of your products can hit #1!

Along with these strategies, an important part of Amazon’s Best Seller Rank is selling good products. Even if you implement all of these strategies, none of it will matter unless you sell high-quality products that fulfill the needs of your users. Finding great products starts with great product research. If you’ve struggled with product research in the past, you should try out Sellgo’s product research tools like the Product Tracker, which helps sellers find high-demand, high-quality, and high-sales products that can take you to #1.

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