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Everything You Need to Know About Merch by Amazon in 2021

Published on: Wed Jul 21 2021

Written by Tony Do

Want to join Amazon’s most sought after program? Create custom merchandise and rake in sales without touching any inventory and upfront cost! Join Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program today!

Everything You Need to Know About Merch by Amazon in 2021

In 2015, Amazon launched its new Merch by Amazon program, allowing Amazon sellers to create their own branded merchandise and sell them in Amazon’s marketplaces all over the world.

When originally launched, Merch by Amazon was built for game development as a way to create custom game merchandise and sell to their fans and audience. Since then, Merch by Amazon has expanded to one of Amazon’s most prized and sought-after programs by all Amazon sellers. 

In this article, we’ll be breaking down Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program, why you should join, and how to create an account today!

What is Merch by Amazon?

Merch by Amazon is a self-service program centered around helping sellers and Amazon businesses generate more sales without any extra cost or work. Instead of working with a traditional inventory and selling your products through the Buy Box, Merch by Amazon allows sellers to design and create custom, branded merchandise that is entirely made, sold, and shipped by Amazon. At first, Merch by Amazon was limited to t-shirts but has since expanded to sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, and even pop sockets.

Simply create a t-shirt design, add it to your Merch by Amazon account, and in a couple of hours, Amazon starts printing your design and your merchandise. Because Amazon handles the entire production line, sellers never deal with any inventory or upfront costs.

How Much Money Can I Generate?

Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program allows sellers to generate revenue through royalty rates. Instead of earning profits through selling products, program partners can range between 13% to 37% royalty rates. Once a customer buys your merch, your royalty rate is determined by subtracting the selling price by taxes and the cost of your merchandise (materials, production, shipping, etc.). To find the exact royalty calculations, click here.

While the royalty rates are only a fraction of the selling price, the royalty rates are uncapped.

What does this mean for sellers? It means your revenue is only as high as your sales. With more sales, you earn unlimited royalty rates.

Is Merch by Amazon Worth It?

Simply put: YES

Merch by Amazon is one of Amazon’s most popular programs because of its high value, ease of use, and profit potential.

By design, sellers can generate tons of sales by selling popular and high-demand branded merchandise with extremely low risk. Merch by Amazon is built on Amazon’s huge distribution, sales, logistics, and shipping systems. Not to mention, you have access to all of Amazon’s customers. Your merchandise gets access to all of Amazon’s The best part is that while you have to upload your designs, you never have to store or ship your merchandise, making it a ton easier to get started.

Along with the sales potential and low cost of entry, Merch by Amazon helps sellers grow their brands. Business owners can start small, scale their businesses, and gain brand awareness with their branded merchandise. If you want to start generating sales on Amazon as quickly as possible, you might want to consider joining the Merch by Amazon program!

How to Open a Merch by Amazon Account?

As we noted, Merch by Amazon is one of Amazon’s most popular and sought-after programs by Amazon sellers. Merch by Amazon is not available to everyone and requires sellers to “Request an Invitation” to the program. Once you request an invitation, Amazon will approve your application. Note that this approval can take a couple of months due to the high volume of applicants, so be patient after you request an invitation. The Merch by Amazon Account is separate from your Amazon Seller Central account, so you will need to re-add your information such as bank accounts, business information, and tax number.

If you’re interested in joining the Merch by Amazon program, request an invitation here.

How Do I Make Merch Designs?

The design and print-on-demand process for Merch by Amazon can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Get approval for your Merch by Amazon Account
  2. Head over to your Merch by Amazon Dashboard and click “Add Products” to add your design
  3. Set a selling price for your merchandise
  4. Amazon does the rest!

In a few short hours after submitting your selling price, Amazon’s print-on-demand process starts instantaneously. Right when a customer buys your merchandise, Amazon will go ahead and print, pack, and ship your branded merchandise to your customer.

Jump-Starting Your Merch

Before you get started selling your branded merchandise, here are some key tricks we want to share with you:

  • Promote your merchandise, everywhere! Whether it be social media, your website, or even just talking to your friends and family. After you submit a design, start promoting your merchandise and building your brand awareness! Remember, the royalty rates are uncapped, the more sales you generate, the more royalty you earn!
  • Look into Amazon’s design guidelines! We suggest you look into the rules and regulations for designs and start planning now. When you start, you are limited to 10 designs. As you sell more, your design cap grows to 25, 100, and even 500 designs at once!
  • Target popular items and niches! Not all designs will sell well, find a popular niche and product and test their sales performances!
  • Stay away from licensing costs! Some artwork used in designing your merchandise will require a licensing fee to use. If you want to maximize your profits, try to use public domain images that you won’t have to pay licensing for. For more information on licensing agreements, click here.

Starting Your Merch Today

Joining Merch by Amazon is a great opportunity for brands and businesses to generate sales without a lot of upfront cost or overhead. But remember, this is an extremely popular and competitive program!

If you want to start, we recommend you start NOW. Head over to Merch by Amazon and request an invitation. Afterward, check out the Merch by Amazon design guidelines and start brainstorming your first 10 designs today.

If you would like to learn more about the Merch by Amazon program, you can refer to the Amazon Appstore!

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