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Keyword Database gives you access to millions of eligible, relevant keywords to help you target the right customers. When you use the refined search, you'll see how your product listings are impacted by adjusting keyword settings.

Using advanced filters, you can sort your keyword list by word count, brand, price range, relevance, and competition—and easily narrow your focus for better survey results.

Quick access to the most important metrics to make calculated business decisions

Search Volume

Discover High-Volume And Highly- Relevant Keywords

Uncover the data you need to measure keyword success for your product launch. Reveal the search volume and maximum bid information you need to measure your launch. The higher the search volume the better. Also, with Sellgo Keyword Database's overview of the top keywords on Amazon, you'll have an idea of what terms to target in order to increase your chances of ranking successfully.

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Competing Top Products

Discover Keyword Competitions

Once you find a competitor's listing that is relevant to what you're testing, you're ready to see how the product is performing in the market as a whole by performing search volume and keyword difficulty analysis on its respective keywords. With Keyword Database, you'll be able to see the historical data of these metrics as well as the current numbers of those metrics at any time.

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Skyrocket Your Product Launch

Discover Keyword Competitions

Keywords aren't everything. But they can make a huge difference to your product launch. Sellgo Keyword Database tool shows you the estimated average monthly search volume for relevant terms, and how much you can get ranked on page 1 of Amazon.

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With relevant keywords, find new customers, increase consumer traffic your listing, and boost your sales

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The magic keyword research tool for the smart Amazon seller

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Search Volume

Search Volume of any keyword can help you determine the popularity of that word.

Smart Complete

Discover untapped keywords in your product listing that can generate immediate traffic and sales.

Competing Products

Use the most relevant keywords to compete with the big boys and claim page 1 of the marketplace search results.

Love Typos

Discover misspellings that bring sales acquisition. We all love typo!

Title Density

Discover the number of page 1 keywords with the searched keyword in their title.

Filter & Sort

Assess your million keywords by using the keyword filters and sort. Use these when you know what you’re looking for (or when you don’t).

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