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Why invent new and risky keywords when you can start from something you know will work? Most of the new successful Amazon sellers were all born from studying the keyword strategy from others who preceded them but have become much more.

Sellgo Keyword Finder helps you to discover the keywords with the most sales volume by using your competitors as a reference point. You can now reverse engineer your competitors' ranking strategy so you will know how you can use the same wordings and keywords for your own products.

The first step to launch new products.


Target Your Competitors’ Best Keywords

Quickly identify highly relevant keywords that are being used by competitors to drive traffic to competing products on Amazon. The reverse engine will also uncover some niche keywords that are not easily visible to you without this software. It is a great tool for sellers who are wondering how their competitors are ranking on Amazon.

Seller Finder

Reveal Keywords For Your Product's Copy

Discover keyword ideas for your products with this Spreadsheet-export Keyword Finder. Reveal the demand and competition levels of those keywords so you can better decide which ones to target and start constructing your product listing using the right keyword phrases.

Seller Finder

Optimize Your New Keywords

Identify gaps in your own product listing and add new keywords based on your competitors so you can gain better visibility and reach potential buyers. Then find those that can be optimized for new keywords. Innovations unlock business opportunities.

Seller Finder

Simply plug in competitors' ASIN and get instant details on how you can beat the competition.

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Sellgo's keyword finder comes in handy

With just a of couple clicks, it will bring up the same keywords that your competitors are using, and you can use them in your listing!

Find Keywords Easily

Find thousands of keywords of your Competitors with one-click!

Pinpoint Keywords

Pinpoint competitors' organic and paid keywords that buyers are actually searching for.

Launching Keywords

Find search terms with high volume searches / month that are highly relevant to your product.

Innovate on Top

Find out how you can use your competitors' keyword ranking strategy to increase your keyword ranking on Amazon.

Optimize Keywords

Use in-tandem with Keyword Database and Product Rank Tracker to find out the exact keywords your competition is ranking for that you can use in order to place better in Amazon.

PPC Prep

Setting Up Initial PPC Campaign, then use Product Rank Tracker to do PPC Recampaign.

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