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Get to #1 spot of search results

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The best tracking tool with Zapier integration.

Not ranking as high as you'd wish on Amazon and Walmart can break a brand. Keyword Rank Tracker helps you to find out exactly what you need to do to boost your products' ranking and gain visibility for your brand.

Monitor where your product is ranking with those keywords, and then optimize your strategy!

Zapier Integration

Automated PPC Action When Your Ranking Drops

Sellgo Keyword Rank Tracker provides you with all the data you need to make informed decisions about which keywords deserve a higher or lower keyword bid. Automate your reranking action plan with Zapier when your ranking drops. Recoup easily and automatically.

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True Rank Performance (TRP) Score

Monitor Where Your Products Stand

True Rank Performance measures the underlying truth of product ranking changes over a period of time. It translates the ranking values to percentages, thereby letting you see the real impact of ranking changes to on product sales. If your position increases from an organic ranking of #200 to #100, that means your product is still at a relatively low exposure hence having no substantial sales increase, vice versa. However, if your position drops from an organic ranking of #1 to #3, that would be incurring a significant loss to your sales. You want to be the first person to be notified to make your best recoup effort immediately.

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Zip Code Checker - Incoming Soon

Monitor How Customers See

Find out how your keywords and products are ranking in the different states and cities across the USA. Make an informed decision backed by high-accuracy and verified real-time data.

Seller Finder

The powerful yet simple interface allows you to see exactly where your product ranks for any given keyword phrase.

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Track your keywords with confidence

Ensure your high-volume search keywords are boosting your product ranking. Don't miss out!

Position Checker

Check your product’s proximity to the #1 search result for each particular keyword.

Geolocation Keyword Monitoring

Use Zip Code Tracking to view how listings are seen for different states, cities, and regions.

Hourly Tracking

Real-time high-resolution hourly tracking. Nothing better than having a digital watchdog on your product ranking.

Zapier Integration

Spend less time waiting for alerts and more time running your business. This feature would change how you play your game.

PPC Re-Campaign Integration

Define your best action when there is a decline/ incline of product ranking with the searched keyword in their title.

True Rank Performance (TRP) Score

Ranking drops/ thrusts alerts are noisy, use TRP as a real indicator of your sales change.

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